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Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches offer a visual presentation of threads, stitches, and colors unmatched by other patches. Personalize clothing with a variety of embroidery patches sewn together with different stitches, colors, and threads.

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Why Choose Core Patches For Custom Embroidered Patches?

Core Patches gives you the freedom to buy one embroidered patch. Alternatively, buy embroidered patches in bulk to get a better rate. We provide free shipping on standard orders for US and UK addresses.Send artwork to our designers to receive a design proposal within 24 to 48 hours. You can make unlimited revisions to the initial design without paying anything. Core Patches’ 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you get only the best custom embroidered patches because each embroidered patch goes through a rigorous quality inspection.

Patch Delivery

US and UK customers can avail of complimentary shipping on all standard orders.

Backing Options

Customize your embroidered patch with your chosen backing option.

Quick Turnaround Time

Standard orders have a production time of 10 to 14 days.

Custom Embroidered Patches Of Many Sizes,Shapes, & Borders

Custom embroidered patches are durable and have vivid designs. You can enlarge the size of an embroidered patch to include more stitches and small text. Embroidered patches are available in custom shapes and multiple border options. The pattern of dynamic thread colors gives the embroidered patch an almost 3D illusion.

Custom Shaped Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are made in simple shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. You can make embroidered patches in complex shapes, such as an alphabet, cross, drop, leaf, star, and much more. The key to making custom-shaped embroidered patches is that the figure should have a traceable outline.

Custom Borders On Embroidered Patches

Our custom embroidered patches are machine embroidered on industrial sewing machines. These machines allow designers to integrate customized borders on the embroidered patches. Laser cut and merrow borders are the two main types of borders on embroidered patches.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Complete freedom to order a single custom embroidered patch or thousands of embroidered patches for a standard order.

Design Adjustments

Make complimentary unlimited design modifications, before approving the final design outline.

Delivery Alert

Receive an email notification of the expected delivery date of your custom embroidered patches when patch production begins.

Laser Cut Borders

Laser-cut borders, hot-cut borders, and satin stitch borders are all one and the same thing. The edges are machine-stitched on the embroidered patch after the contents of the patch. The edges are sealed and cut with lasers or hot-cut scissors to prevent fraying. Laser-cut borders are often used on embroidered patches with complex shapes because they are thin and versatile.

Easy Order Process For Custom Embroidered Patches

Core Patches has an enhanced order process to ensure you get the best value for money. Provide proper instructions to create the best design. Make tweaks to your original design outline if necessary. We create satisfaction-guaranteed premium embroidered patches based on your guidelines.

Merrow Borders

Merrow borders and overlocked borders are one and the same thing. The term merrow comes from the brand Merrow® sewing machine. Merrow borders are thicker and more durable than laser- cut borders. The only setback is that their thickness is why they do not apply to embroidered patches with complex shapes.



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