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Customized Woven Labels And Woven Patches

Customized woven patches and woven labels offer impressive attention to detail unparalleled by other patch options. A tight weave of multiple thread colors displays dazzling logos on a customized woven patch or woven label.

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Why Choose Core Patches For Custom Woven Patches & Labels?

Core Patches provides standard orders of woven patches and woven labels with a 100-minimum order quantity, free shipping, and speedy delivery. Contact us for an order of fewer than 100 custom- woven labels or patches. Customize your woven patch or label design with our specialized designers choose from multiple border options to make a stunning woven patch or label. Our quality assurance department ensures the delivery of only premium quality custom woven patches and woven labels. Receive your woven labels or patches with your chosen backing option.

Unique Features Of Custom Woven Patches & Woven Labels

Custom woven patches and labels are affordable but maintain higher image clarity than embroidered patches. Custom woven patches and labels perfectly display detailed 2D designs maintaining a smooth fabric texture. The weave of multiple colors of threads integrates to present a realistic image. Hot-cut borders ensure the weaves of yarn do not unravel.

Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity of 100 with the privilege to order thousands.

Patch Delivery

Free shipping for standard orders with a USA or UK delivery address.

Design Customization

Fully customize the initial woven patch design at no extra cost.

Border Options

Choose from several border options for your customized woven patch or label.

Backing Options

Choose between several backing options for your customized woven patch or label.

Delivery Notification

Receive an email notification of the expected delivery date of your custom woven patches or labels when production begins.

Border Options For Custom Woven Patches & Labels

The borders of a custom woven patch or label neatly secure all the edges of the threads. Two border types for custom woven patches and woven labels are hot-cut borders and merrow borders.

Satin-Stitched Edges With Hot-Cut Borders

Custom woven patches and woven label creation takes place on a special loom. Satin-stitched borders are stitched during production. Once production completes, the edges are secured with hot-cut borders.An iron or laser hot-cuts the satin-stitched edges. Hot-cut borders are the standard border option for woven patches and labels. Hot- cut borders easily apply to custom-shaped woven patches or woven labels.

Merrow Border On Woven Patches & Labels

Merrow borders are customarily used on embroidered patches because merrow borders are thicker. Merrow borders can also be machine-stitched to woven patches and labels. Merrow borders make woven patches and woven labels durable because they prevent fraying of the edges.Merrow borders cost more than hot-cut borders because border stitching takes place with a different machine. Merrow borders only apply to woven patches and woven labels with simple shapes. The woven label or patch becomes prominent because a merrow border can be about 2 to 3 mm thick.

Easy Order Process For Woven Patches & Woven Labels

Core Patches has an enhanced order process to ensure you get the best value for money. Provide proper instructions to create the best design. Make tweaks to your original design outline if necessary. We produce satisfaction-guaranteed premium woven patches and woven labels based on your guidelines.



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